Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cleanup and color

Below is a Jim Smith drawing of John Wayne that I inked in Illustrator, The rough drawing was posted by The Amazing John K a few days ago. He offered it up to anyone that might be interested in practicing cleanup. It's been a few years since my cleanup days at Cartoon Network and I thought what the heck. I had so much fun inking Jims Drawing of John Wayne that I decided to cleanup and color one of my sketches (of Tom Hanks) from a previous post. Mine is... meh.. okay I guess. If I recall correctly I was inspired to draw the original sketch (of Tom Hanks) and all the other models from reading one of John K's blog posts a few months back.

the final ink and color

this is the rough on top of my ink and color to show accuracy

This is an image of just the fill colors.

This is just the cleanup lines

This is the original rough by Jim Smith

Tom Hanks cleanup and color

Tom Hanks rough


JohnK said...

It's better than mine.

I also liked your cartoon a lot in a post below.

Some really clever animation.

Joseph Giardina said...

Wow John thanks!