Thursday, December 6, 2007

Design Clean-up for Foster's

The Original Rough Designs done by our Character Supervisor Ben Balistreri are on the left and my Clean-up is on the right. The clean-ups are done using Adobe Illustrator.

Design Clean-up for Foster's

The original Rough's were done by the amazing Ben Balistreri. It is an honor to trace his work. "It’s eh…it’s not tracing, alright? I add depth and shading to give the image more definition. Only then does the drawing truely take shape."

Friday, August 24, 2007

The girls

I had the pleasure of cleaning up some special poses of the Powerpuff Girls for a 10 year anniversary special set to air on Cartoon Network in 2008. I cleaned them up and colored them using Adobe Illustrator. These character models are broke-down and layered specifically for FLASH animation. The color is based on reference from the original series.

Illustrator Background Test

I did these Backgrounds In Illustrator as a test for Craig McCracken to see if the Style from the Original Powerpuff Girls series would translate into Adobe Illustrator.

these were cleaned up in Illustrator and colored based on reference from the original traditional paintings from the Powerpuff Girls Series.

High Def Transfer for PPG Main Title

Backgrounds and characters for the new HD (1920x1080) main title for The Powerpuff Girls cleaned up and colored in Illustrator (color based on reference from Original 1st season main title)

Illustrator Background Cleanup

Powerpuff Girls Background Cleanup done in Grayscale (pre color)

Professor Utonium

Illustrator cleanup

Monsters for PPG

Illustrator cleanup

My Gym Partner Is A Monkey

I cleaned these up in Illustrator for Cartoon Network Enterprise - they needed the original models cleaned up in vector for some marketing pieces - the color was based off of the Gym Partner Style Guide.