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The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan; Part 6

Here are a few photo's of Josh and I during Pre-production.

(image below) Craig, Me, Rob, and Josh going over our Background reference list

(image below) Josh afraid of a T-Rex

(image below) Josh doing some work on his fancy computing box

(image Below) Me daydreaming about cheeseburgers

During Pre-Production Josh and I would leave eachother little post-it notes from time to time. We kept all of them, and over the span of four months we acumulated quite a few. So Josh and I decied that we would end all of our blog posts about M&K with one of them. hope you enjoy!

Khan stuck inside the computer

The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan Part 5.

Here are a few drawings I did a ways back of Manny and Khan. They don't have anything to do with the plot of our show but I think they are funny drawings.


Just a couple of guys hanging out... wearing jean cut-offs

More to come in a bit...

Awesome and Out!

I'm back!

There are so many things to talk about I hardly no where to begin... The last time I posted was in November. Josh and I had recently shipped our show The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan to an overseas studio in Korea called Big Star. At which point I took a much needed vacation. I traveled back east and spent a week with my friends Tony and Annie in the Big Apple. Then Tony and I drove upstate to our home town Buffalo New York for our 10 year High School reunion which needless to say was a blast. I then spent two and a half weeks in Buffalo eating Chicken wings and Teds Hotdogs. I visited with family, drank cheap beers with old friends, and watched a lot of Law and Order Criminal Intent. Oh yeah, I cut my beard off and left my mustache! I kept it for a few weeks but it became too much for me to handle so I shaved it. I miss it.

After almost four weeks back east in the cold and snow I returned home to sunny california to the best/worst early christmas gift a 28 year old man could get. A classic Nintendo Emulator with over one hundred games. I say best because I feel like a kid that just played Super Sloppy Double Dare and won a Toys 'R Us shopping spree and worst because my mom isn't here to tell me to turn off the game and go out side and play. After all was said and done I eventually found the will power to turn the game off and get back down to business. I had a few weeks before Manny and Khan would come back from Big Star. So to keep busy in the meantime i started writing out a treatment for an "adult" cartoon show. It's been brewing in my mind for a while now and it feels so good to get it out of my head and on paper. I can't go into to detail about it but I will say this; there is only one place on TV that would have the stones to air what I'm making. I only hope I can stay focused long enough to put together a solid pitch bible cause I'd love to pitch it this year. But, more on that later.

So just to sum it all up... NYC, Buffalo, 10 year, chicken wings, hotdogs, family, friends, Law and Order C.I., MUSTACHE, Nintendo, no mustache :(, and writing.

Now that everyone is all caught up on the past two and a half months I can move onto the truly exciting stuff. On Friday of last week Josh and got Manny and Khan back from Big Star. For the first time we saw our silly drawings come fully to life. I wish I could show you the whole thing right now! ...but I can't :( We have a 6 week post schedule which includes; music composition, sound design, The final Mix, and the final edit. This is a very exciting time for Josh and I and we look forward to sharing our show with you all. But until that day comes Josh and I will be posting more often then we normally have. Stay tuned in cause I have a few more posts to do tonight. It's good to be back, and Thanks so much for stopping over to my page.


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