Friday, May 23, 2008

goodbye card

I am nearing the end of a three year journey here on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. My official last day will be on June 27th. I find it fitting that I recently finished drawing a prop the other day of a good bye card. I had to design all of the signatures for all of the Imaginary friends on the show and put them in a card. It isn't the best piece of art that I've done so far but if you look closely on the left hand side, just below center, and slightly to the right you will see a little shout-out to my home town Buffalo, NY. This isn't the first time I was able to squeeze Buffalo into a show. In the episode "Foster's Goes to Europe" The gang runs through an airport O.J. Simpson style. They run past a coffee shop that has travel posters on the wall and one of them is for Buffalo. It has a picture of chicken wings and blue cheese. I didn't actually draw that one but the background Designer Dave Dunnet knew I was from Buffalo so he put it in for me. I am going to miss this show.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Jackie Khones Private Eye, Case Closed!

So, over a year ago I had the opportunity to pitch ten episode ideas to Craig McCracken, creator and director of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends". Out of those ten ideas he liked two, and out of those two one was actually made into an episode of Foster's. The title of the episode is "Jackie Khones and The Case of the Over Due Library Crook".

When I pitched it to Craig all I said was; "Jackie Khones Private eye, Case Closed" and that was enough to get the ball rolling. I was invited to temporally join the story crew for the episode (I say temp. because my normal job is just drawing) and we sat in the conference room for half a day until the story was fully figured out. Then the amazingly talented Darrick Bachman wrote the script. After several months of hard work from tons of people the show was finally completed. It aired on Cartoon Network March 13th 2008.

I also did some drawing on the episode. The three screen shots below are from the awesome montage/ song about Jackie Khones.

Aaaand if that isn't cool enough, I found a very nice review of the episode on Firefox News (link below). So long story short, if you get a sec check out the review and the episode. I'm not sure when the next air date is but when I find out I will post another note.

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Foster's Incidental Characters

As always the original rough drawings on the left were done by my Character Supervisor Ben Balistreri and my Cleaned-up versions are on the right hand side. I cleaned them up using Adobe Illustrator and they are prepared specifically for Flash Animation. They haven't gone to the color stylist yet so they are still in grayscale. enjoy!

Friday, May 2, 2008


I did this a while back on a lunch break. I was stressed out at the time and needed to escape for a few minutes.