Monday, September 13, 2010

The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan Update

This is a Manny and Khan Update:

The M&K short is doing very well on youtube, we've been getting about 300 views a day for about a month now and we just broke 17,000 views today. There is also a new fan page up on facebook, it was started by the awesome Daramfon Anwana and his friends. If you want to support Manny and Khan all you have to do is join the facebook fan page by clicking this link. It's free and takes about 10 seconds to do. Also, if this is your first time visiting my blog and you havent seen the short that Josh and I created for Cartoon Network you can watch it on facebook or you can stop on over to my youtube page and watch the full short for free. watch the short

a bunch of little post it doodles from a long time ago