Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jam Tomorrow Color

There's a lot that I could go into when talking about the style and color I am trying to achieve with Jam Tomorrow. Unfortunately, to tumble down that hole would take time, and time is not something that I have a surplus of these days.  With the holidays around the corner, work, and trying to meet some self-imposed deadlines I am spread a little thin.

So instead of blabbing on and on about color and whatnot, I figure why not let the drawings speak for themselves.  The image attached is a color/texture study I've made. This is the direction I'd like to go with Jam Tomorrow.  Its been steadily evolving over the last few months but this is the style I'll be finishing the comics in.  Its simple to do which is good for keeping on schedule. 

A special thanks to all the returning visitors, your support is keeping me going.  To any new people stopping by today for the first time, thanks for taking a look at my work.  I hope you'll stick around. 

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