Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Awesome Chronicles of Manny and Khan; part 1

Recording Our Script

On September 24th 2008 Josh and I recorded our script with the guidance of Kris Zimmerman our Voice Director. We cast Keith Ferguson to play the role of Khan and Adam Paul to play Manny. Both Keith and Adam added so much depth to our characters. Their phenomenal voice work made our silly drawings feel so real.

Above: Keith Ferguson, Me, Josh Lieberman, and Adam Paul in the recording booth at Cartoon Network

Above: Me and Keith eatin' some snacks

Above: Josh with our Voice Director Kris Zimmerman


Anonymous said...

When did the episode first aired, when was it finished and when did you create both characters?

Joseph Giardina said...

This is a pilot that never had an official air date on TV and to be honest, probably wont ever. It was part of the CN Cartoonstitue line up. it has however, been illegally aired on the internet several times.

I co-created it with my good friend Josh Lieberman.

we finished the short on March 6th 2009.

I think we started the storyboards some time in June of 2008... or maybe it was July... its been a while and my memory for exact dates are fuzzy.

as far as the characters being created, that is a long story... so I'll try to make it short. We originally pitched to CN the show idea with a Bigfoot and a Gnome. the network didn't like the characters cause they get a lot of pitches for Bigfoot. so we created Manny and Khan, and that was after our first pitch in May of 2008. but the initial idea we pitched... is from a long time ago.

thanks for your interest! I hope I answered your questions.

leave a name next time so I know who I'm talking to.