Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The final color

If you were wondering what the castle was going to look like after it had gone to color, wonder no more. The wickedly talented Sue Mondt colored the background below the other day. I think it is absolutely amazing. It is so crazy to see something that I worked on turn out so beautiful. It has been such a wonderful experience for me to work with so many talented artist over the past three years here on Fosters. I have learned more from them then they will ever EVER know.

Rough Design: Dave Dunnet
Cleanup: me
Color: Sue Mondt
Art Drection: Martin Ansolabehere


Levi said...

wow!!! you are wonderful, i wanted draw like that...

dibujas muy bien...felicitaciones por el trabajo en cartoon network, a mi me encantaría trabajar allí...

joey said...

Thank you, that is a very nice thing to say.

Estoy apesadumbrado, yo no hablo español. (My computers translation program helped me write that. it was supposed to say Im sorry but I don't speak spanish:)

I wish I did so I could read your Blog.

Thanks for taking a look at my art work.

take care.